July 21, 2010

Here's an Amazing Story For You...

A red correct tick In the 1950's, there was a study carried out at Harvard University where the students were questioned about who had goals. Not surprisingly, virtually everyone said they did.

They were then asked how many had actually put these goals into writing.

The answer was only 3% of the group.

This study was followed up 30 years later - and the 3% that had written down their goals were worth more than the other 97% combined.

Amazing or just a coincidence?

That's up to you to decide. But as long as your goals remain inside your head you run the risk of them only ever being dreams.

Please now be HONEST with yourself....

Have you put your goals into writing?

Most people have not.

Most people of course want to do well, but when asked 'what is your goal' they more often than not have a vague 'I-just-want-to-make-some-money' sort of answer.

You need to change this.

You need to have a laser-focused pin-pointed immediate answer of EXACTLY what it is you want to achieve.

If it's a certain figure you are striving for every month - then visualize this EXACT figure.

If it's to change a certain situation you are currently in - then visualize the exact resolution that you want.

This is important - because most people do not have an actual answer to the question 'what is your goal?'

Writing down your goal will achieve this answer for you. And let me tell you - seeing what you want written down - is very empowering!

Try it!

Write it down!

Slap it on your PC or your medicine cabinet or your refrigerator so you see it each day.

It suddenly makes everything 'real'!

I have written my down, why don’t you

July 20, 2010

Get A Free $75 Advertising Coupon For Google Adwords From Articlesbase

I have finally got the hang of Article marketing and I am in the process of signing up to as many article directories I can find. I just want to leave a comment on articlesbase  www.articlesbase.com 

Articlebase gift coupon I signed up with them a week ago and had my first article accepted and published. Today I gotan email with a $75 Advertising coupon from them for Advertising on google’s Adwords,that was very nice of them. The promotion according to the email lasts till the 30th of September 2010 and is to be used on a new Adwords account. I had not earlier thought of Advertising on Adwords but hey I have a free coupon now, so I would give it a try.

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July 14, 2010

The Way To Start Earning on-line

money flying around a bench When I first started online, I was here, there, & everywhere, dabbling in this & that, trying to make money in all kinds of ways.
That's true of most people when they first start online I suppose.
And it's understandable.

At that stage we're traveling through a strange and unknown world of all kinds of technical and marketing wonders, and those smoothly written sales letters are a siren's song to us e-venturers!

In my own search for a bit of Internet Marketing clarity along the way, I discovered a marketing truth that was so easy to state and understand, and yet so profound to me, that I'd like to share it with you here.
Here it is...

July 13, 2010

7 Tips For Success With EzineArticles.com

A writing pen The key to success with www.ezinearticles.com is quality and employing keywords in the correct density.
Keyword Density means how many times you use a certain keyword in your article.
People tend to overuse keywords with an intention of attracting the search engines but unfortunately what happens is the articles end up reading oddly. I personally prefer to keep the keyword density below 2%.
I realize that recently 1-2% keyword density has been a lot more effective.
However, for a long time 1-3% was the perfect keyword density...at least in my experience.
Here are 7 tips that might help increase your views and Click Throughs.

1. Be serious and professional with your headlines/article titles. And have your strongest keyword in the title too.

2. Talk to your readers in a conversational tone.

3. Be a teacher! Remember your article must give away a solution or some useful knowledge.

4. Use a 1-3% keyword density and try to be as nonchalant as possible with your keyword placement.

5. ALWAYS write 100% unique articles, don't go spinning and twirling.

6. Give a strong, but REALISTIC call to action in your author resource box and include a link to your site of course.

7. Make sure your article delivers what it promises.

July 11, 2010

Starting An On-line Business – Why the High Rate of Failure

thinking manique Did you know - 97% of people FAIL in Internet Marketing.
Why is that so high?
The answer is because for most an Internet Business is the first time they will have worked for themselves.
Now - there is NOTHING wrong with this - in fact it is to be applauded that many have the entrepreneurial bug...
...but it does mean the majority enter this business needing to learn some new skills first.
Most online at one time or another believe that just HAVING a product - means they are in business (this is not helped by so many so-called gurus who scream from the roof top how easy it is to make money online...)
Now please don't berate yourself if you once thought this - I did when I began! (in 2009)
But I have to tell you...
...a product is not a business.
There are a ton of people with great products - making no money.
And let me add to this.
A website is also not a business - again - there are millions of websites making nothing.
So if a product is not a business - and a website is not a business - what IS a business?
The answer?

July 08, 2010

Starting an On-Line Business for newcomers - What choice of Autoresponder?

As Featured On EzineArticles Signing up for an autoresponder service, is one the most important things if not the most important things you would want to spend some time considering before starting an on line business. The importance of an autoresponder cannot be underestimated.
But why?-I hear you ask. Autoresponders are an online marketer's secret weapon they have many useful functions namely -
  • Allows the easy creation of an 'opt in' form on your website
  • Collects email addresses of visitors to your website
  • Sends automatic messages to your prospects
Please note: a prospect is someone who has signed up to your site ie they have given you their email address.
It takes on average 7 messages before a prospect makes a purchase. An autoresponder is very important therefore because it allows you to build a relationship with your list.
Now the time has come to choose, do we go for the Free Autoresponder Service or hire the services of a paid Autoresponder Service.
I highly recommend that you do not go the free route when getting an autoresponder.
There are two reasons why:
Firstly, because of the rampant use of using free autoresponders for spam activities, many free autoresponders are blacklisted. What this means to you, is that your delivery rates will be very low. The only free autoresponder that I know of that still has decent delivery rates is Getresponse's free account.
Secondly, when you get tired of your low delivery rates and want to go to a paid autoresponder, you will have to get all of your current subscribers to double opt in AGAIN to your new list. And as many people who have done it have found out, you will lose a large percentage of your mailing list.
Again, I do not recommend going the free way, but if you are set on doing it anyway, at least do it with Getresponse. At least it has a higher delivery rates and because when you do decide to upgrade to a paid version with Getresponse, you won't have to your subscribers double opt in again, so you won't lose any subscribers needlessly.
However, remember that just like the free versions of other autoresponders, the free version of Getresponse also places advertisement in all of your messages. The free version allows you to create one list and send up to five follow up messages.
The other, highly ranked and praised Paid Autoresponder Service worth concerning yourself with is - Aweber.
Sometimes Aweber offer a FREE trial or discounted trails for a limited period, but that offer does come and go.

Now You Can Multiply Profits AND Automate Your Business

AWeber's email marketing software makes it easy.

Learn how they can do it for you, too.

Take A Free Test Drive Today!

July 03, 2010

Is it Possible to make Passive Income with an MLM? Let Rip-Tide Army show you HOW

Rip-Tide Army There could a whole bunch of reasons, why majority of people in the MLM industry only last a few months before giving up. In my observations, the main cause of very high failure rate is because individuals, who sign up rarely achieve their financial goals. All the dreams they had when they started with their up line never start to materialize and there is very little reassurance that they ever would.
The MLM industry would be a lot brighter if the business model that it was designed for, was actually working as expected in the first place – that is being able to grow a strong down line that provides an ongoing stream of income in a realistic period. Let us review a couple of areas of why this hardly happens to the majority of network marketers.
The methods applied for signing up potential prospects are generally ineffective and deliver a bad image to the MLM. Most often than not, these techniques involve you targeting your family and acquaintances. Your sponsor may tell you to keep repeating this process because eventually you would get a sign up. Using this type of method would however leave you as the person left with everyone avoiding you, and at best might end up with only one or two sign ups in your down line to show for after you alienating activities.
The poor Training that an individual gets on “how to build a down line” from their up-line leads them getting next to zero results even after putting in a huge amount of time and energy. This can lead to devastating effects on the person who is not making a single step towards achieving his/her goals. It is therefore no wonder that many people throw in the towel before and are left with a bitter taste of MLM in their mouth.military cartoon1
When I came across the Rip-Tide Army, I was surprised as to how all my above-mentioned fears were put to rest. A group of individuals, from different spectrums of the industry pushing for a common dream, which is achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM in the MLM industry. “Working at home made easy” is what I call it when I am referring a prospect.
One of the other reasons why people find it so hard to build a down line is because they try too hard at pressing their business opportunity on prospects, which sometimes could be referred to as bullying a prospect to sign up. Sounds familiar? Many newcomers when introduced to this business model, the only thing they want to do is to sponsor as many people into their down-line in the shortest possible time. To do this they create a lot of hype and outrageous promises to prospects on what MLM can do for them. Doing this gets them nowhere, because you have to let prospects figure out for themselves if network marketing is the type of business opportunity they have being waiting for which will turn their lives around. The Rip-Tide Army is unique and stands out from everyone who is using the hyped up approach, they attract prospects to themselves and have them asking about the business opportunity. Care to have a look at the Battle Plan Click HERE.