May 31, 2010

Up-date on the RIP-TIDE ARMY

The Rip-Tide Army at this moment does not have an affiliate program. They are just helping each other build a down line through the online ad network. That is filling the 3x10 in The Online Ads Network (TOAN). It is a big matrix but they are growing at an impressive rate with over 400 members in just over 60 days.
The organizer of this group, John Maheu, has been involved earlier in other team builds with GDI and TrafficWave.
The Rip-Tide Army for has a community of marketers ranging, from people new to online marketing all the way up to veteran marketers. The support is top notch. Someone in the forum will quickly respond to any question, no matter how trivial or complex. The General, that is how John Maheu is called in this quick growing army, is readily available and responds to any concerns or questions, personally by email.
John has an expanding vision for The Rip-Tide Army. It is starting out as a small team of like minded marketers working together towards one goal, Financial Freedom. And will rapidly grow member by member, day by day, month by month, and year by year into an incredible Training Centre for Online Network Marketers. Not only is the idea to generate monthly income building relationships and gaining the skills needed to be a Master Marketer.

The main affiliate program that The Rip-Tide Army uses for commissions is The Online Ad Network (TOAN), chosen because of the incredible Pay Plan.
Total time for promotion and advertising needed is anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour a day, depending on what form of marketing used. If you are new to marketing, you would be taught how to market using simple methods first, and be gradually introduced to more advanced techniques, as the army progresses. I think anyone working towards financial freedom will be able to spare about an hour a day to reach their goals.
If you’re an experienced marketer, you’ll have no problem with the system. Advanced and innovative marketing strategies are always welcome and encouraged. Mass group involvement is how we will expand over the whole Internet Marketing Industry.
When you’re starting a home based business or working from home, things will always take a little time to get into profit mode, but no matter what, you will have to Learn How to Market and Take ACTION on a daily basis. I struggled online for so long before that simple concept finally sunk into my head. The Rip-Tide Army definitely is a growing organization that will help you take consistent daily profit making actions and support you every step of the way.
Take a look around The Rip-Tide Army sites again, soak up all the information and make an informed decision on what fits into your schedule, budget and goals.

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