July 14, 2010

The Way To Start Earning on-line

money flying around a bench When I first started online, I was here, there, & everywhere, dabbling in this & that, trying to make money in all kinds of ways.
That's true of most people when they first start online I suppose.
And it's understandable.

At that stage we're traveling through a strange and unknown world of all kinds of technical and marketing wonders, and those smoothly written sales letters are a siren's song to us e-venturers!

In my own search for a bit of Internet Marketing clarity along the way, I discovered a marketing truth that was so easy to state and understand, and yet so profound to me, that I'd like to share it with you here.
Here it is...

There's really only one way to make money online:

You have to sell something.
That's it. Simple. Clear. And yes, even obvious.
But it's so easy to lose sight of that when we're bombarded with all kinds of make money online offers, methods, secrets, techniques, etc. that promise easy, push-button income.
There seem to be at least a million and one ways to make money online (and many of them "secret" of course), but there's really just one:

You have to sell something.
Either your own product, service, or asset, or someone else's product, service, or asset.
You have to sell people to opt-in.
You have to sell them to click on your article resource box, or on your affiliate link.
You have to sell them on using your article writing service.
"What about Adsense sites? That doesn't seem like selling." you say. Yep - selling. Selling your traffic to advertisers.
Now selling definitely doesn't mean you have to get out & meet people face-to-face, or start cold-calling.
Not at all.
It's a good thing too, because I know for many reading this, and myself when I first realized it, the thought of selling something will set off all kinds of alarm bells, fears, doubts, and other negative feelings.
Fortunately the Internet offers us a very comfortable, low-key, non-traditional means of selling if we prefer that approach.
So there's half the formula - find something you want to sell.
The other half is "find someone to sell it to" - but that's a different article.


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