July 03, 2010

Is it Possible to make Passive Income with an MLM? Let Rip-Tide Army show you HOW

Rip-Tide Army There could a whole bunch of reasons, why majority of people in the MLM industry only last a few months before giving up. In my observations, the main cause of very high failure rate is because individuals, who sign up rarely achieve their financial goals. All the dreams they had when they started with their up line never start to materialize and there is very little reassurance that they ever would.
The MLM industry would be a lot brighter if the business model that it was designed for, was actually working as expected in the first place – that is being able to grow a strong down line that provides an ongoing stream of income in a realistic period. Let us review a couple of areas of why this hardly happens to the majority of network marketers.
The methods applied for signing up potential prospects are generally ineffective and deliver a bad image to the MLM. Most often than not, these techniques involve you targeting your family and acquaintances. Your sponsor may tell you to keep repeating this process because eventually you would get a sign up. Using this type of method would however leave you as the person left with everyone avoiding you, and at best might end up with only one or two sign ups in your down line to show for after you alienating activities.
The poor Training that an individual gets on “how to build a down line” from their up-line leads them getting next to zero results even after putting in a huge amount of time and energy. This can lead to devastating effects on the person who is not making a single step towards achieving his/her goals. It is therefore no wonder that many people throw in the towel before and are left with a bitter taste of MLM in their mouth.military cartoon1
When I came across the Rip-Tide Army, I was surprised as to how all my above-mentioned fears were put to rest. A group of individuals, from different spectrums of the industry pushing for a common dream, which is achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM in the MLM industry. “Working at home made easy” is what I call it when I am referring a prospect.
One of the other reasons why people find it so hard to build a down line is because they try too hard at pressing their business opportunity on prospects, which sometimes could be referred to as bullying a prospect to sign up. Sounds familiar? Many newcomers when introduced to this business model, the only thing they want to do is to sponsor as many people into their down-line in the shortest possible time. To do this they create a lot of hype and outrageous promises to prospects on what MLM can do for them. Doing this gets them nowhere, because you have to let prospects figure out for themselves if network marketing is the type of business opportunity they have being waiting for which will turn their lives around. The Rip-Tide Army is unique and stands out from everyone who is using the hyped up approach, they attract prospects to themselves and have them asking about the business opportunity. Care to have a look at the Battle Plan Click HERE.


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