May 31, 2010

Up-date on the RIP-TIDE ARMY

The Rip-Tide Army at this moment does not have an affiliate program. They are just helping each other build a down line through the online ad network. That is filling the 3x10 in The Online Ads Network (TOAN). It is a big matrix but they are growing at an impressive rate with over 400 members in just over 60 days.
The organizer of this group, John Maheu, has been involved earlier in other team builds with GDI and TrafficWave.
The Rip-Tide Army for has a community of marketers ranging, from people new to online marketing all the way up to veteran marketers. The support is top notch. Someone in the forum will quickly respond to any question, no matter how trivial or complex. The General, that is how John Maheu is called in this quick growing army, is readily available and responds to any concerns or questions, personally by email.
John has an expanding vision for The Rip-Tide Army. It is starting out as a small team of like minded marketers working together towards one goal, Financial Freedom. And will rapidly grow member by member, day by day, month by month, and year by year into an incredible Training Centre for Online Network Marketers. Not only is the idea to generate monthly income building relationships and gaining the skills needed to be a Master Marketer.

Want to Start an Online Business - First Sell Other People's Products As An Affiliate

Selling affiliate products is a great way to get started on line. An affiliate program is simply a NO RISK partnership that allows you to promote another company product or service on your webpage to earn a percentage of their sales.
As one of the company "affiliates" you are assigned a special "affiliate URL" that tracks the visitors that you send to their website and you earn a commission each time someone you have referred to their web site makes a purchase. You might post a banner on your web site that links to the affiliate programs site or you might publish an article about the company and their products in your newsletter.
You sign up for their program and within five minutes of filling out the application you receive your welcome package that contains all of the instructions you need to get started. After reading through the package you choose some text with a link that you think is particularly suited to your site and you add it to your web page. It only takes about 10 minutes to do.
Now any visitor that comes to your site will see this link. Those who are interested in learning the training techniques used by professionals will click on the link to learn more. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate banner or text link they are automatically taken to the web site of the affiliate program where they are exposed to sales copy for the website you signed up for. So the affiliate program does the hard selling, giving the visitor you referred all of the information they need to make a buying decision. But here is the best part, you get your commission for the sale.
When you want to find out how many visitors have clicked through your affiliate link and how many of them have bought the product through link, you simply need to visit your URL that the affiliate program gave you where your personal sales statistics are all recorded in real time.
So, making money from other peoples product as an affiliate products is much easier than selling your own product on the Internet.
Every affiliate website program has their own policies of paying the affiliate members, read it carefully before signing up, as this how you r sales will be handled, biweekly pay or monthly payment of the commission you made. Some affiliate programs have a certain amount fixed, for example your commission have to reach to $ 200.00 to receive the commission check.
Affiliate websites also have residual income plans. These are a part of the compensation plan, depending on your sales or making a team of affiliates to sell with you get the additional payments. This makes affiliates happy. The affiliate website owner also get double advantage of it. He get his product sold and at the same time his selling affiliate teams gets bigger for selling more. So the owner and affiliate both are able to take their income to a higher levels.
Now where to look for affiliate program to join: Just like anything and everything search for best affiliate program on any search engine and you will find some listed. Besides this AFFILIATE DIRECTORIES is another way to go. You will find a list of popular affiliate programs and listings of TOP TEN AFFILIATES. Read all the details and make your choice out of these directories.
For people who are new to Internet business and want to gain experience to know it better before starting their own websites to sell a service and product affiliate program are a great opportunity. It makes them learn, the important features of Internet business, it gives them experience of how to sell on the Internet. And some excellent sales people only want to sell other peoples product and services and they are able to make same amount of money as having a product or service of their own from their own website. Selling as an affiliate on the Internet means, you will not have to do the hassles of maintaining the administration of the business and website maintenance and you can sell more in the time you save by not performing these administrative duties.
So, see what you like and work what goes with your mental aptitude. Let your passion make you decide what your want to do. Only Sales and make phenomenal money or be a product owner that you want to sell from your site.
To start an on line business you must learn more about Internet Marketing. As an affiliate marketer you will learn about different opportunities and will learn to sell on the Internet. You will get paid commission on the sales that you will make and residual income also.
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When you have enough experience and want to start building your own web site, the best place to start is at Chris Ferrall’s membership site. Here, he would coach you on all the skill you would need to master to start your own internet business and increase your passive income.
You can check Chris Ferrall’s membership here.

May 30, 2010

Make Money Online? No Kidding, Fortunes Are Made Online These Days by Sandra L. Essex

Can you really make money online? Although the failure rate among online entrepreneurs is extremely high (routinely put at 95%), the fact still remains that everyday, every month and every year, millionaires are created online.

In fact, it is been estimated that in its various facets, the internet is churning out more millionaires at the moment than any other segment of the global economy. And as the internet continues to open up more and more money-making opportunities each year, experts are of the view that the future holds even greater promises of online wealth creation.

May 26, 2010

Creating Passive Income Reading Articles

If you are into reading this is an opportunity for you to make Money reading articles and getting paid.
The site is , the site has very easy on line instructions. Very good user friendly feel to the system.
readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

1. Register.
2. Activate account using, link sent in email
3. Choose your interests to make matching an article to your interests is easier a max. of 50 choices and you can only change your interest once every 24 hours.
4. Read the articles available in your interest groups, the rate th article
5. Get Paid
Extra Info
- Affiliate program (get paid $5 for referring a friend)
- Redeem your commission when you have an account balance of $50
- Get paid 2 cents for reading articles with words between 101 and 200, and up to 20 cents for articles over 2000 words.
- User-friendly web site.
To Register click here.

May 22, 2010

Update on the Forex 4 Free Program

This program has generated a lot of discussions on diferent forums a programing claiming to give out $3500 monthly. Read more of the update HERE

May 21, 2010

The Plus 500 Program ( This is a guest article by Hillel Fuld)

Plus 500 Review

rate: 3.00 By: Hillel Fuld

Plus500  When first encountering Plus 500, my first impression was how clean and user-friendly their website is. They have a very organized way of displaying their offering and all its features. Each category is displayed in its own tab, including Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and CFDs.
Depositing funds could not be easier with almost any option open to you. These include money transfer, credit card, and money bookers. Registering for Plus 500 was also completely seamless and surprisingly, so was withdrawing my funds.

The actual trading was relatively straight forward, however, the lack of a Web-based platform might be a disadvantage to some Forex brokers. Their service is offered in 14 different languages, which is a relatively high number, something some might see as a sign of Plus 500's accountability.

In terms of funding, Plus 500 offers a mini account enabling you to trade with as little as $100 and a 200:1 leverage. When trading, you have access to the world's financial markets and real time quotes. The platform is very responsive and includes the standard Entry Limit, Stop Loss, Profit Limit, Trailing Stop, and Market Orders. They also offer an unlimited free demo account, which should be taken advantage of by every Forex trader interested in opening an account with Plus500.

However, not everything is so rosy when it comes to Plus 500. Their customer service is available 24/7, but only by fax and email. They do not offer the basic feature of live chat, something that has become completely trivial in the world of Forex Brokers. Not only is it trivial, live chat is also very necessary. For example, as I am writing this review, I am still awaiting a response from their customer service regarding some questions I had. Some of their sites in other languages do not even include a fax number. Another disadvantage of Plus 500 is that they are now awaiting FSA approval, which once again, might be a sign to wait some time before trading with them.

Their site offers very helpful training videos explaining and displaying their trading platform and exactly how to trade with it. I found these to be very helpful and a resource that should definitely be used before trading with Plus 500.

When opening an account with Plus 500, you will be surprised by some very nice and helpful bonuses. For one, their demo account is not limited by time, something that is quite unusual in the Forex market. In addition, Plus 500 offers a 30% bonus on your first deposit, as well as a $50 gift toward your trading account.

Plus500 is an impressive broker and they give you the feeling they really want your business with all their offered bonuses. However, for some odd reason, they do not offer live chat, something that raises a red flag and gives you the impression that they might want your business, but they do NOT want to talk to you about it, a theory magnified by the fact that they do not take phone orders.

Join the program by clicking here. Join Plus500
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Original source of this content: Plus 500 Review

Making Money Online -- Shattering a Few Myths...

Myth No. 1
It's impossible for the average Joe to make money online
This simply is not true. Making Money Online is a skill - and all skills can be learned. Like any skill it will take time and persistence and patience - but it can be done.
It took me just over 4 months from starting to make $97/day (not every day but certainly a lot).
Myth No. 2
I don't know anything about computers
Guess what? Nor did 99% people when they began. I certainly didn't.
Do you really think that EVERYONE making money online are technical geniuses? I can tell you of COUNTLESS people who are making money online - from all walks of life of all abilities and of all ages. And all these people did - is TOOK ACTION - despite their doubt and fear (which we all have).
Myth No. 3
I haven't got the time
This is probably the most used excuse I hear all the time when I talk with people.
The one thing that we all have in common is that we all have 24 hours in our day. What sets the more successful apart from the rest - is how proactive and productive they are with this time.
Don't have the time? Work through lunch - do an hour at night. When I started in this business I got up 2 hours earlier every morning for 3 months - to study and learn and educate myself.
If we make good use of our time - this will give us a great advantage - for scarcely one in a thousand individuals ever put his or her time to anywhere near it's potential. Doing so - is being true to ourselves - taking control and accepting responsibility.
Myth No. 4
I don't know where to start
Ok - I'll give you this. By far the hardest part of this business is NOT the actual act of making money - BUT knowing how to START making money.
In other words - knowing exactly what to do FIRST.
The most common question I get asked is---- 'How do I start?'
There is simply way too much information out there. You could spend forever 'learning' and perpetually be in a state of 'about-to-start'.
The biggest myth about making money online is that it is hard to get started.
The following is the FIRST thing you need to do.
Acknowledge that it is going to take time. I suggest giving yourself at least 6 months. This is after all a business you are creating. You would not expect to be in profit immediately if you were creating an OFF line business. Why should ON line be any different?
Sure you can make money quicker once you know the basics - but these basics can take you a few months to get confident with.
This business starts by learning the basics of how to create your own website.
Now if this thought terrifies you - please do not worry - you are by no means alone. Every newcomer (myself included) at one point or another was aghast at the idea of creating a website.
But you can create a website within a few hours.
Take a look at my free eBook available at this site.
It WILL allow you to get started online. Work through it slowly and methodically. This is the FIRST thing you need to do.
Everything else is POINTLESS until you understand the basics of how to create a website AND get it online.
And you can learn this skill here. When you go through the free ebook, I would send you free videos explaining how to start an on-line business
It's a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best - the best is very often what you get.

How to Blog for Creating Passive Income (SEO)

We have prepared our blog it looks good, our articles address our niche topic of choice, it has being proof read. We have even got Google Adsense adverts on it that relate to our blog, but no income coming in. What Next?

May 18, 2010

The Gold System Reviewing The

1 gram of FREE gold - claim yours today, worth nearly $40!
Buy gold 
online - quickly, safely and at low prices

I was introduced to BullionVault this week and collected my free 1 gram of gold to learn how to trade.  It arrived in my BullionVault account within hours and is now mine and valued at nearly $40 and increasing in value.  It's real gold and is stored for me as part of a gold bar in their vaults.  BullionVault allows me to trade that gold, as the price goes up and down and make it's value grow.

The Rip-Tide Army (A recommend for all Newbie's Trying To Earn on The Internet)

During my search for various passive income programs and schemes. I have come across an interesting way to go about Internet Marketing. I had earlier joined affiliate programs and tried to market them on my own. The disadvantage of this, I quickly found out is you are trying to promote a link, you are limited both physically and financially to the market you can get with your limited advertising.
This is where the team (or an Army) come in, the whole team advertising the same link, multiple people promote the same link, they are promoting in many other places than I could do alone.
If you are a newbie to the internet hunting for some extra income and you don’t want to fall pray to internet scams, this is a MUST for you.

“We are an Army of people that have come together to make a living online. We are people from all over the world, each with different skills and backgrounds  and we use the power of Teamwork in order to achieve online success.
Our plan is very simple yet very Powerful! Action is the only way you can reach success in anything you do and that's what we're all about.
We are here for those that are tired of living in poverty and have decided to do something about it. We are here to show the world that it doesn't matter who you are, you can make a lot of money online and live the life you deserve.
It's not impossible, you just have to do it the right way!
You must have patience and you must have the determination to see it through to the end. You can get rich online, just not overnight.
Making Money online is not hard as long as you know what your doing and have the support of others. That is why we're here and that's what we do here. We have an incredible plan and we already have proven that it works.”
- Quoted from the Rip-Tide General (The Rip-Tide Battle Plan)
What are you waiting for join a team determined to earn passive income. Click to Sign UP TO THE RIP-TIDE ARMY
Click to Read the update here 

May 16, 2010

The SFI Affiliate Program

For more than ten years now, SFI has been showing men and women all over the world how to build highly profitable internet businesses from the comfort of their homes. In fact, our system is so successful that OVER 8000 people join SFI every week!

But here's the really exciting part: In some of the most populous countries in the world (like India and China), the Internet revolution is just beginning. The profit potential is MASSIVE... and we need to expand our affiliate network to fully capitalize.

May 11, 2010

Passive Income for life

It starts low and will be up to $2000 a week within the next few years, depending on how accurate you maintain your account. You will get $20 every week during your lifetime + interest on all the money + your ref commission + interests for ref commission.
All this you will get from us:
  • every week $20 free during your lifetime 
  • 5% weekly interest on free money 
  • income of $2000 and more possible
no costs, no fees, no sign up fee, no payment at all.
Yes, you did read this right. With us you will get your personal income for free, without paying or investing even one dollar. Not a bad way to build up your passive income, and earn money
You only have to:.

  • log in to your account frequently to organize it.

  • withdraw your money

  • enjoy our concept and be a part of it.
But, how does it work ?

First it sounds impossible, but if you know how it works, this concept will lighten up your mind.
Our part is to connect as many people as possible to investors that are registered with us.
The investors need to split their money into many, many accounts to brokers all over the world, into almost all different trading categories.
If those investors work without you, their profits will be 5-10% lower then what they could earn with your help.
So they rather can gift the money to a lot of individuals and earn more, instead of investing it into just a few accounts in their own name.
You will hold an account at a specific broker and our team will manage it for you. You do not have to do anything. We do all the work for you.
The only difference is, that you never have to pay anything into that account and you are never responsible for any losses that may occur in your account. You also will not hold any risk, like many other people do not.
You will get 50% of the gain our team will generate with your account witch is credited with the money of our investors community.
Read more in the FAQ section.
Sign up now, do the first step into a secure Passive income.CLICK HERE

How Much can I earn from PTC sites?

PTC or Paid-to-Click is the easiest and most commonly used on-line money making program. It is attracting a huge group of people around the world because its free and really 
easy to use. PTC site pay you for viewing ads.

Why you get paid just for viewing ads?
Now, a question may arise in your mind, why they pay you for just viewing ads? Well, there is really a logical answer to that question....The sites offering PTC program are actually the Bridge between you (consumer or member) and the advertisers. The advertiser pays the PTC site for displaying their ads on it, and a part of this payment goes to you (member of the site) when you view the advertisement. I hope it's clear now : )
How to start earning money from PTC sites?
It’s absolutely simple and free to start earning on PTC sites. Follow these simple steps and you can start earning right now.
i) Go to the desired PTC site and click "sign-up" or "register". You will see a form. Fill the form by providing the required information and click "submit"/"continue".
ii)  Now check your email (which you provided in the form), open the email from that site and activate your account by following the instructions given in the email.
iii) Once your account is activated, log-in to your account using your USER-NAME and PASSWORD which you provided in the form.
iv) After logging-in, click "View ads". You will see some ads (usually 4-8) there from the advertising sites. Click on 1st ad and watch it for the min. time required (usually 10-40 seconds). Once you complete viewing the ad, your account will be credited immediately. Now close that window and again go to the "View ads" page. Similarly view all ads provided and you will get your money in your account.
v) For one PTC site, you can view ads ONCE-A-DAY (once in 24 hours). You must login to your account daily for 5 min to view ads for getting paid.  
How can I earn from  PTC sites for clicking Ads?
Mostly PTC sites pay $0.001-$0.015 per ad. It depends on the user type too. If you are a free member you will get standard credit per click. If you up grade your membership you get more money for the same ad. Also, some sites show more ads to  the upgraded members.
How much can I earn?
Well, your earnings totally depends on you  that is
>> How many sites you have joined. The more sites you join, the more cash you make. 
>> How many "Referrals" you have. The more referrals you have the more passive income you generate.
Let's Have an Example:
Your daily Clicks 10 = 10 x 0.01= $0.10
Your 20 referrals who click 10 ads per day = $2.00
So Your Earnings in 1 Day = $2.10
Your earnings in 1 week = $14.70
Your earnings in 1 month= $63.00 
Suppose you get 100 referrals and you've 15 different sites, You can earn about $1000 each month....All this is ABSOLUTELY FREE! with ZERO investment from Your Pocket

Paid To Click Sites (PTC) Approved

Below are the best Pure PTC sites on net, that I have been able to review so far and recommend. They offer very good pay rates for per click and have fixed no. of ads per day.I found these sites by searching on Internet for a long time. You can join as many sites as you want. I recommend you to join at least 5-10 sites at in the beginning. Afterwards increase the no. of sites. Don't forget to read the important points mentioned in one of my previous posts before joining any site. Also keep an eye on my blog as I'll update it on regular basis. If any site Turns into SCAM, I'll immediately mention it here. More sites will be added daily.
Click the banner to join or here
LATEST UP-DATE (17/05/2010)
gagabux has being added to the list of sites to be watched by  ptc-Investigations, problems with delayed pay outs. Read more here

Ads per Day:6+
You Earn:  upto $0.02
You earn(from Referrals): upto $0.01 
Minimum Payout: $2
Payout Waiting Time: Instant
Payout Method: Ap/PP
Upgrade Fee: $9/month- $50/yr
The minus of these site is as a standard member you can only have 15 direct referrals. 
2. -

Ads per Day:10-15
You Earn:  $0.002-$0.005
You earn(from Referrals): ----
Minimum Payout: $1
Payout Waiting Time: 2-5 days
Payout Method: ap/pp/LR
Upgrade Fee: $60/yr
3.FastcashPTR : v.2
Please read the review here. -

Ads per Day:4-7
You Earn:  upto $0.01
You earn(from Referrals): upto $0.01
Minimum Payout:  1$
Payout Waiting Time: instant
Payout Method: Ap/PP
Upgrade Fee: $85/Year

  • Free to join worldwide..!!!
  • up to $.01 Per Click
  • up to 75% Referral Earnings
  • Get Paid To Click / Read / Promote / Refer / SignUp
  • Daily Contest with cash & credit prizes
  • Receive & View the Advertising that Interests You!
  • Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings
  • Low fast Paypal payout at $0.10
  • No minimum Paypal payout for PREMIUM
  • $1.00 Alertpay payout
6. Neobux

You can only have direct referrals after 30 days of being a user and having at least 100 clicks credited
Ads per Day: 4-9
You Earn:  up to $0.02
You earn(from Referrals): up to $0.01
Minimum Payout:  $2
Payout Waiting Time: instant
Payout Method: Alet Pay/Pay pal/netteller
Upgrade Fee: $90/year

May 04, 2010

Investment Funds For Creating Passive Income

There have been a lot of comments on different forums about this program, the progam claims to give every user that signs up with them $1500, at the end of 180 days. A lot of people have being calling this program a scam others say it's legit, only time would tell. Lot of comments can be read on this forum.
They have moved their web page to another server due to the fact, as they explain a lot of people responding to their program had caused the old server to over load. I must admit they moved to a new server and were able to keep everyone's accounts intact as well as their referrals. The old accounts with all the deposits have being placed on one server and members have being asked to open an account with a new server.
On the new server, account holders are paid every 10 days (or about) interest from $500 that has being deposited on a Forex Fund and when the total of the interst reaches $500, the account holder would have to open an account with a Forex trader (information would be sent before hand by email to which Forex trader to join) and the interest generated  from that opened account the user gets to keep 60%.
Is this a scam? Let see a scam would be bad if we invested our own money with them, as they are giving the money why not open a sepreate email account and register what harm could that be. If they come through with their word we would have a nice Christmas. You want to sign up follow this Clink on this Link to Passive income.

We are going to experiment investing in High Yield Investment Funds, we would be using the money we get from our Paid To Click (PTC) sites to Invests in these different Funds.
I have found a few that give out a bit of capital to start investing, I have opened an account with Forex4Free investment fund. They credit your start up account a few days after, you sign up to a sum of $200, you just have to be referred by a member. The site has had some problems in the past view days due to the large number of people that have being trying to sign up.Read below and follow the link it’s free
image"It´s something special .... it´s FOR FREE .. you have not to spend any penny...really ... take a look...
FOREX4FREE you will earn real money, without investing only one penny
- it´s an amazing project from a big investor
- earn up to 3500 USD per month
- without paying not even one penny, NEVER!
- an investor will give you the needed money for free
- everybody will get the same amount of money
- you will have no costs at all
!!!!! START NOW !!!!! " - This is what they are offering
The site is in German but  easily translated using google translate, but would be translated later


May 03, 2010

Project 2010

This blog is to investigate and in the process earn passive income over the Internet, as advertised by many companies over the internet.
clip_image002We are going to set up a goal to make an account of $10, 000 by the end of the year (2010). This money would be donated to an African charity organisation (Aver Memorial NGO) in Nigeria please read the NGO’s memorandum.
In archiving this goal, we also hope to train others and show that making a passive income over the internet is possible. However, we would achieve this goal faster if everyone reading this would take part actively at least 5 minutes a day. That is about half an hour a week in total sitting by our computers, which we do any way.
What is Passive income? It is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Some examples of passive income are:
  • Earnings from a business that does not require direct involvement from the owner or merchant;
  • Rent from property;
  • Royalties from publishing a book or from licensing a patent or other form of intellectual property;
  • Earnings from internet advertisements on websites,
  • Residual income, repeated regular income earned by a sales person, generated from the payment of a product or service, that must be renewed on a regular basis in order to continue receiving its benefits;
  • Dividend and interest income from owning securities, such as stocks and bonds, is usually referred to as portfolio income, which may or may not be considered a form of passive income. In the United States, portfolio income is considered a different type of income than passive income;
  • Pensions.
We would be using a wide range of programs to archive our goal, namely Pay To Click (PTC), affiliate programs, Forex programs, Multi-Level- Marketing Programs and finally investing in stocks.
To start our Task we would have to set up our Guide Lines we would follow to achieve our goal (raise $10,000 by the end of 2010, to donate to charity namely Aver NGO)
1. Our starting capital is ZERO
2. We would not be investing any cash from our pockets,
3. We would only re-invest money made from various internet programs
4. We would spread the word of these blogs to family and friends, so they do can study or give advice on methods they have tried or want us to try.
5. Open another free email account, (DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR EMAIL ACCOUNT) this is to avoid future spam arriving to our regular account
We are going to start with Paid to Click (PTC) Programs, to raise capital to invest in our High Yielding Investment Fund (HYIF)
Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.
We have to be cautious on the internet as there are a lot of scams (419) about, the best way is to read a lot of forums and sites, a very good site which investigates PTC’s sites for their legitimacy is
The secret to making money on these sites is to click adverts but the most money is made by referring more people to these sites using your referral links, this way when the new referent is clicking adverts he is making money for both you and them. He then refers other and depending on the program so go as deep as 5 levels of referrals.
Let us start with one of these sites recommended to us; below I have given detailed information on using one of these sites. These postings would be followed with further investment schemes deemed fit for achieving our goal.

May 02, 2010

Internet Banking Services (Payment Processors)

Internet Banking Services are a safer, simpler way to send and receive money online
For our investing, trading and receiving payments, we would feel much safer opening an account with one or all of this companies.
1. ALERTPAY - is a free to join internet payment service allowing you to send and receive money online. It is a Canadian based company that was established June 19, 2005.
As a member, you can
a. Send payment to or receive payment from another member. Payments are instant and both parties will receive a confirmation email for proof of payment.
b. Send payment to a non-member. They will receive an email informing them that they have received money through AlertPay and that they must complete the free registration process to claim their funds.
c. Make payments for products or services online. Once a member places an order on the merchant's website, you will be transferred to the AlertPay secure server to complete the order process. Payments are instant and both parties will receive a confirmation email for proof of payment.
It is free to send out money, but depending on the account type, there is a fee when receiving money.
If you reside in a high risk country, you are required to complete verification measures before you can use your AlertPay account. Members residing in the following countries must become verified before accessing their AlertPay accounts: China, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.
You will have to complete one of the following:
  • Credit Card Validation
  • Phone Validation (mobile phones only)
To get started, just login to your account, click on "Profile" and select "Verification" under the "Personal" category.
Click Here or the banner below
2. Paypal – PayPal is a safer, simpler way to send and receive money online.
You can pay for items you buy on eBay as well as on hundreds of other leading retail websites, or you can use PayPal to send money quickly and safely to anyone with an email address.
You can pay with money held in your PayPal account balance or use another payment method such as a credit card, debit card or your bank account.
Once you sign up for a PayPal account, you just need to select PayPal as your payment method when you shop online. Websites that accept PayPal will show the PayPal logo in their checkout. You will be asked to log in to your account with your email address and password to confirm the payment. PayPal never shares your financial information with sellers or retailers.
If you receive a payment through PayPal, you will receive an email notification and the money will be credited to your PayPal account. You can then use your PayPal balance to make payments, or you can withdraw the funds to your bank account.
It’s free to sign up for a PayPal account. Fees charged are based on who you are sending funds to:
Personal payments: Payments to friends or family are free when funded by bank account or PayPal balance. If the payment is funded by credit or debit card then fee is charged to the recipient, however the sender can choose to pay this instead. Please note you must select the ‘Personal’ payment tab within the ‘Send Money’ payment flow to qualify for this rate.
Purchase payments: For payments made as a purchase of goods or services, the recipient (seller) will be charged a fee. For more information visit and click on the ‘Fees’ link at the bottom of any page.
PayPal is available worldwide and in all major currencies.
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3. Liberty Reserve : is a 100% irrevocable payment system and digital currency. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world.
Liberty Reserve is incorporated under the laws of Panama, with offices worldwide, including
New York, Germany, and France.
Special features
Get paid, stay paid - unlike credit cards, all payments are irrevocable. You can even send payments to many users at once using the batch pay option.
Liberty Reserve is protected by an offshore Trust, and is at all times backed 100% by U.S. dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold for LR-gold accounts, etc.
Liberty Reserve is fast, responsive and dedicated to serving all your electronic currency needs. Make payments by e-mail, internally, anonymously, and convert Liberty Reserve currency to any other currency. REAL TIME WORLDWIDE Payments & Transfers.
Low fees
Liberty Reserve offer extremely competitive rates & discrete, confidential service. Free accounts. Internal transfer costs are a maximum 25 cents.
Instant & irrevocable transactions
Eliminate risk & fraud. No more charge backs, defaults, high bank wire fees & bad checks! Use Liberty Reserve to make your online payments quickly, easily and in real time. Liberty Reserve is secure, easy to use and cost-effective.
View your account online. Make and receive payments with the click of a mouse.
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May 01, 2010