May 11, 2010

How Much can I earn from PTC sites?

PTC or Paid-to-Click is the easiest and most commonly used on-line money making program. It is attracting a huge group of people around the world because its free and really 
easy to use. PTC site pay you for viewing ads.

Why you get paid just for viewing ads?
Now, a question may arise in your mind, why they pay you for just viewing ads? Well, there is really a logical answer to that question....The sites offering PTC program are actually the Bridge between you (consumer or member) and the advertisers. The advertiser pays the PTC site for displaying their ads on it, and a part of this payment goes to you (member of the site) when you view the advertisement. I hope it's clear now : )
How to start earning money from PTC sites?
It’s absolutely simple and free to start earning on PTC sites. Follow these simple steps and you can start earning right now.
i) Go to the desired PTC site and click "sign-up" or "register". You will see a form. Fill the form by providing the required information and click "submit"/"continue".
ii)  Now check your email (which you provided in the form), open the email from that site and activate your account by following the instructions given in the email.
iii) Once your account is activated, log-in to your account using your USER-NAME and PASSWORD which you provided in the form.
iv) After logging-in, click "View ads". You will see some ads (usually 4-8) there from the advertising sites. Click on 1st ad and watch it for the min. time required (usually 10-40 seconds). Once you complete viewing the ad, your account will be credited immediately. Now close that window and again go to the "View ads" page. Similarly view all ads provided and you will get your money in your account.
v) For one PTC site, you can view ads ONCE-A-DAY (once in 24 hours). You must login to your account daily for 5 min to view ads for getting paid.  
How can I earn from  PTC sites for clicking Ads?
Mostly PTC sites pay $0.001-$0.015 per ad. It depends on the user type too. If you are a free member you will get standard credit per click. If you up grade your membership you get more money for the same ad. Also, some sites show more ads to  the upgraded members.
How much can I earn?
Well, your earnings totally depends on you  that is
>> How many sites you have joined. The more sites you join, the more cash you make. 
>> How many "Referrals" you have. The more referrals you have the more passive income you generate.
Let's Have an Example:
Your daily Clicks 10 = 10 x 0.01= $0.10
Your 20 referrals who click 10 ads per day = $2.00
So Your Earnings in 1 Day = $2.10
Your earnings in 1 week = $14.70
Your earnings in 1 month= $63.00 
Suppose you get 100 referrals and you've 15 different sites, You can earn about $1000 each month....All this is ABSOLUTELY FREE! with ZERO investment from Your Pocket

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