May 04, 2010

Investment Funds For Creating Passive Income

There have been a lot of comments on different forums about this program, the progam claims to give every user that signs up with them $1500, at the end of 180 days. A lot of people have being calling this program a scam others say it's legit, only time would tell. Lot of comments can be read on this forum.
They have moved their web page to another server due to the fact, as they explain a lot of people responding to their program had caused the old server to over load. I must admit they moved to a new server and were able to keep everyone's accounts intact as well as their referrals. The old accounts with all the deposits have being placed on one server and members have being asked to open an account with a new server.
On the new server, account holders are paid every 10 days (or about) interest from $500 that has being deposited on a Forex Fund and when the total of the interst reaches $500, the account holder would have to open an account with a Forex trader (information would be sent before hand by email to which Forex trader to join) and the interest generated  from that opened account the user gets to keep 60%.
Is this a scam? Let see a scam would be bad if we invested our own money with them, as they are giving the money why not open a sepreate email account and register what harm could that be. If they come through with their word we would have a nice Christmas. You want to sign up follow this Clink on this Link to Passive income.

We are going to experiment investing in High Yield Investment Funds, we would be using the money we get from our Paid To Click (PTC) sites to Invests in these different Funds.
I have found a few that give out a bit of capital to start investing, I have opened an account with Forex4Free investment fund. They credit your start up account a few days after, you sign up to a sum of $200, you just have to be referred by a member. The site has had some problems in the past view days due to the large number of people that have being trying to sign up.Read below and follow the link it’s free
image"It´s something special .... it´s FOR FREE .. you have not to spend any penny...really ... take a look...
FOREX4FREE you will earn real money, without investing only one penny
- it´s an amazing project from a big investor
- earn up to 3500 USD per month
- without paying not even one penny, NEVER!
- an investor will give you the needed money for free
- everybody will get the same amount of money
- you will have no costs at all
!!!!! START NOW !!!!! " - This is what they are offering
The site is in German but  easily translated using google translate, but would be translated later


All investments with HYI Fund pay daily interest, 7 days per week, directly to your HYI Fund Account. The current, and only investment option at HYI Fund pays variable daily percentages, based on our investment activities on each applicable day that interest is paid.
The daily interest rates tend to vary between 0.5% and 3%, however on some occasions may fall outside of this general guideline.
Investments are accepted through HD-Money, Liberty Reserve and AlertPay. In the account settings area, all members have the option of compounding their investments to generate faster profit growth.
Once funds are placed into the "Investment Balance", they cannot be removed, and the investment never expires.
They give a start up capital Investment of $2.50, sign up and chose compound interest .
Follow this link.

Updated as of 17/05/2010
On registering my account was activated with the promised $2.50 and even 2 weeks later was raising steadily with the promised interest. During this time, I started to see warnings about this site appearing of problem of the fund and payouts more can be found on this link
Now my account has being reset to zero, I have sent a couple of emails to the admin but no response.

Do not invest with

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