June 14, 2010

The Rip-Tide Army Grows At An Incredible Rate

If you are interested in Traffic Exchange sites, I would recommend you do it in a group or a good team.I joined a great team (we call ourselves the Rip-Tide Army) last month and we completed our first wave and second wave attacks in a record period of time (less than two weeks) on The On-line Advertising Network (TOAN). We are now preparing for our 3rd wave attack and we now need 729 for this wave of which in a week we already have 511 sign ups.
The Army is great for newbies to traffic exchange marketing and want to earn some passive income, we have our own website and forum which makes communicating between members easier than the common use of emails. The forum is also our barracks, where all attack strategies to money making sites are discussed and all answers answered almost immediately.
Your advertising budget for your sites is higher cause you are doing it as a team and not alone.
For example, you have a site you want to promote, so you join a traffic exchange site you surf by yourself for months get a bit of traffic, get a few or no clicks and sales.
You join the Rip-Tide Army where you surf as a team, advertising your site and the Rip Team's site ( on most traffic exchanges depending on your membership status you can advertise up to 10 sites).
Now to how you make money advertising (this is the best part). You have a budget to advertise your site, so you pay yahoo, google adwords etc again doing this by yourself, would not bring you much return in number of sales or clicks but doing it as a team has a much wider span.
Our Army is doing it on TOAN, why? because apart from just advertising, TOAN has an affiliate program that is 10 layers deep meaning you get paid a commission monthly on your referrals, but wait we already have an army so you don't need to look for referrals. These are the wave attacks I was talking about above.
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