June 14, 2010

Stop Stopping and Start Starting - A Simple Strategy To Begin making Passive Income Online

It sounds ideal doesn't it?
Who wouldn't be attracted to this business?
Working from home - a few lazy hours a day - bang out a few emails - and then watch as the cash rolls in?
But it's exactly this idyllic picture that traps countless people every year. Remember life before the web? All innocent and unsuspecting.
Then suddenly one random day we hear about making money online, and - BOOM! - we're hooked.
With a Vader-like grip we are pulled over to the Dark Side. The Dark Side that is ...Internet Marketing.
And we've all been there; goggle eyed in astonishment at the jaw dropping incomes many are claiming to make per day, per week, per month - simply by using the world wide web.
Naturally we are intrigued. Can anyone do this? And if so...how about someone such as, well, er...me?
So we dig deeper.
But then what happens?

The more we delve into this murky pond of making money from home, the more we begin to convince ourselves that before we really get started, we need to know EVERYTHING.
From just days earlier having nothing but boundless enthusiasm and a hungry desire to succeed, now we have morphed into a rabid creature, gorging on as much information as we can get our hands on...
...furiously working every night till 2am - enduring the wrath of our loved ones now banished to sleeping alone - ferociously cramming in as much as we can.
'..just 10 more minutes..', '..just finishing this email..', '..just downloading my 17th ebook..' Up sells, down sells, htmls, affiliates, anchor links, cloaked links, I love my niche, I hate my niche, need a blog, must join that, must join this, that ezine looks good, what a great forum...'
Just STOP! For the love of god - just stop.
You will NEVER know everything about this business. There is NEVER a perfect time to start.
I read somewhere a General George Patton saying: A good plan violently executed right now, is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.
Stop trying to master everything. It will drive you insane. I know, I have tried that before
Instead, take a walk from your computer, and ask yourself what is the ONE thing you want to master.
How to create an ebook? Great - then do JUST that.
How to get your first site online? Perfect - then do JUST that.
And don't forget - every single skill you need is taught right here at this site!
I have implemented an incredibly simple strategy; since doing so my business has come on leaps and bounds.
What is it?
Quite simply - I write down my daily aim - and stick it on the PC.
I then REFUSE to do ANYTHING that distracts me from this.

As soon as I started working in this manner, I instantly stopped checking my emails every half hour, Googling something I thought of, dipping into yet another download, signing up for yet another membership site...
Your best investment could be a stack of cheap Post It notes. Scribble down your daily aim, slap it on your monitor, and vow that you will achieve your aim before doing any other business online.
Your arsenal of skills will rapidly grow and you will amaze yourself at how quickly your business will progress.

Then you can check your emails.
And if you'd like to know what to do RIGHT NOW – then check my web site for a quick video showing you the next step.                                                                                                                                           

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