June 23, 2010

Making Passive Income With The Rip-Tide Army

military I must say I am very impressed with the functioning of the Rip-Tide Army. John Maheu (The General) has really thought up a passive income model program, that I am actually seeing grow and has great possibility of achieving high level of income before my eyes. 
As everyday goes by I am more convinced of the Red Army becoming one of the biggest Internet Marketing Groups on the Internet.

1. NO Rotator - This means no long waits for a downline. You're next in line!

2. NO Personal Recruiting - Everyone's advertising is funneled to 1 single page! You're required to do a very small part and that's it! If you don't recruit anybody, you STILL GET PAID!

3. Income Grows Faster - Every attack will fill your next level! And the bonuses are fantastic!

4. Serious Members- Only the truly dedicated will be allowed to join the Front-line. All others will be removed before the Attack. If you show ANY effort, you will be rewarded nicely! Want to see the best team online? Check out our forum.

5. Superb Leadership- Never will you be in the dark! Updates are sent out every 48-72 hours. Bringing you up to speed on how we are doing and how we are evolving. Also constant motivation and recognition.

6. Newbie Friendly- You don't have to know anything about Internet Marketing! We will teach you the how to do things the right way. And not to mention all the FREE tools that are at your disposal.

7. Support- We have a very busy forum full of people that are willing to help with anything you need. Or you can go to the leader himself. He always makes himself available to members and will always answer your emails!



  1. Hi Project2010,

    We're in the same boat. I'm also impressed on how this army function. It's great and Rip-tide Army is growing strongly and solidly day by day.

    Remember the victory is ours. Can't wait to see the 3rd wave launch :)

    Muhammad Redhwan (a.k.a Red)

  2. Yeah!!! We are just 19 soldiers short to lunch the attack, like General John said HELL YEAH


  3. Hell Yeah soldier. We're about to launch the 3rd wave anytime. For the people who still not joining Rip-tide Army, It's about a time you should do it. Don't worry you won't be sorry :D


  4. Hey, I am here to say Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I had reply your comment on http://ads-star.blogspot.com/2010/06/great-steps-for-ads-star-in-bn.html.

    Besides, I am an Army too! this team is really great!heheh...can't wait to join the next attack :)

  5. Ads Star from one soldier to another To VICTOOORYYY, let's get this third wave over and done with!!!

  6. Hey, Project2010, thanks for visiting my blog and respond to it again. Well, I did check the thread you suggested. Really good to have that thread, I think It can help many members who are facing the problem like mine. Anyway, I had met a good people who are willing to help me to solve my problem. Is Simon, So, basically, my problem is solved. Haha...RTA is really a great team. I never know that I can have a chance to meet such a cloud of people who are active and strong teamwork. RTA Rock! :)

    P/s: Alex, Nice to meet you here. If you have time, you are welcome to visit my blog :)

  7. Hello! Thanks for your very visit, here visiting Just want to be a visitor, and you're visiting, however. no ok? Have a nice day...visit me back... :)

  8. "Hey I am recruitng for my army of money makers want to Join?" ....

    Hello! No want to Join!