June 20, 2010

Some of The Benefits of Joining The Chris Farrell Membership (Learning to Earn Passive Income on the web)

As with, membership has it's benefits but becoming a member of Chris Farrell's membership is in my opinion an exception. Many of the internet marketing gurus today on the net have membership sites but many of them are very expensive and they are not catered to the beginner who is just starting out in the internet marketing business.
Joining a membership does have it's advantages and of course there are many benefits that are not available to non-members. After all you are joining the membership that has been voted the # 1 internet marketing service for the years 2009/2010 by IMREPORT CARD, the leading online review site.


Chris Farrell's membership stands head and shoulders above most because he gives his members what most gurus charge for. Here is a sample of the many benefits offered to the members of Chris Farrell's membership.

* Free Unlimited Web Hosting
* Exclusive Rights to give away Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon ...the e-book. This e-book has been the one deciding factor that took Chris' list from ZERO to 15,000 - in just over a year and these rights are strictly exclusive to members only.
* Exclusive Rights to use the EXACT website that has made Chris thousands of dollars.
* Free Techie Help
* Free Immediate Access To Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon...the VIDEOS! This 43 video course - spanning over 6 hours - has helped thousands start successfully online. The course sells for $67 (and sells well) but is yours FREE.
* Free Access To The VERY Lively DISCUSSION FORUM - moderated by Chris Farrell.
* The Basics! EVERY single step of 'how' to make money online - explained in simple - step by step instructions.
* 24 hour Video-On-Demand. Have a question? Ask Chris - and get a personalized video answer within 24 hours.
* Chris's Private Vault! - use personally written email messages and content - created by Chris Farrell - to help build relationships with your customers.
* Thousands of verifiable testimonials - from newcomers of all ages and abilities who have now successfully begun online.
* Free Training 'no-pitch' Webinars. He teaches in real time - via interactive webinar - a particular skill pertaining to making money online. Includes an 'Ask Chris' Q & A session.
* Exclusive Rights to Re-brand Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon e-book. This means you can add your own affiliate links to the e-book - allowing you to earn a residual income while at the same time building your list.
* Free Access To Entire Back Catalog Of Success Grenade - ALL the back-issues of Chris Farrell's Newsletter Success Grenade in one location.

* Fully Downloadable Library - all the newcomer needs in one convenient location. No 'fluff or filler' - just genuinely useful downloads.
* Ask Chris! - regular free Q and A sessions with Chris.
* Exclusive Web Templates.
* Free Instant Website Creation Software.
* Over 720 How-To Videos - all by Chris - more added daily.
* Over 600 Articles - more added daily.
* Exclusive Step-By-Step guide to creating your web business.
* Wordpress! Keywords! Auto-responders! Traffic! Marketing! Every single ingredient of creating a successful online business - explained in simple to understand language
* This is a contemporary membership site. It was launched in 2009 - all the content and downloads are current and relevant to today's climate (unlike many other sites).
These are just some of the benefits of being a member and there are many more.

Chris Farrell Membership is for those serious about creating a regular and continuous income online.
Chris teaches his members what he calls E.U.I and this acronym stands for Educate, Understand and Implement.
You must be willing to learn new skills (educate).
You want to know what you are doing. (understand)
Once you learn a new skill and you understand what you are doing, you want to do the skill or put it into action, (implement).
Learning the skill and understanding what you are doing will not create your website or make you a successful internet marketer. Implementing those skills will enable you to build your website and start your online business.

Chris gives us all the tools we need and more but only those who are serious and only those who follow the step by step process succeed.

The membership site began in 2009 and many of the members are now teaching others through their own online businesses and offline businesses. Some of the members are now building websites for offline businesses, helping them to get an online presence. Some of the members are now participating in webinars held by some of the top internet gurus, they have become joint venture partners with top money making internet marketers.
Many are now producing their own products and now they have affiliates promoting their products. There are many success stories and these people have only been members for less than a year.
Most of them did not know anything when they first became members and they are now enjoying success and making a substantial income online.

They took the time to learn the skills, they understand what they are doing and they are putting it into action.

Is Chris Farrell's Membership for everyone, NO!
The Chris Farrell Membership site is a haven for newbies who are serious about becoming educated and putting into action the many skills they will learn. It takes time, patience and the right mindset to succeed.
If you want the best of the best teaching on the internet today for beginners who want to succeed at internet marketing then I invite you to take the challenge and join the # 1 Internet Marketing Service. You will not be disappointed. We have members from all over the world. Some are in their teens and some are in their eighties and all in between.

Join this community and discover the tactics, techniques and strategies for anyone starting, improving or growing an online business.

Subscribing now guarantees that you'll immediately receive access to everything you need to start creating your online business, no matter what level you are at.

Join now for $4.95 for the first 7 days and you will access to all the benefits. After these 7 days you will be charged just $37 per month. You can cancel at any time with ONE CLICK and owe nothing. There is no membership on the net today that offers you so much for so little.

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