June 23, 2010

Making the Internet Work for You - It Starts With The Mindset....

Thinking man
It has been proven time after time after time after time, that the way we look at our life is essentially a barometer of our expectations.
This is based on what we've been taught we are worthy of having and capable of achieving.
These influences are mostly inspired by external influences - such as family, upbringing, and community.
Here's a thought for you.
Most people will go to the time and effort of writing a will at some stage of their life, to say what they want to happen after they die. Few people put the same effort into what they want to happen whilst they are still here. Take a moment right now to notice how you look at the world.
How do you view the business of making money online? Be honest!!
Do you believe that it will be difficult but it can be done?
Or secretly deep down inside do you think it won't really work for you?
If you chose the latter - firstly congratulations on being honest with yourself.
But secondly - let me tell you clearly and plainly - making money online IS something that the average Joe CAN do. But the FIRST step is adopting the correct mindset.
Are you plagued by negative thoughts? The 'yeahs' - the ' buts'? If so, it is critical that you cut those thoughts out as soon as they start.
Whatever you think about constantly, you will create.
If you're continually focusing on how difficult your goal is, you will never achieve it.

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