June 13, 2010

A Web Business Simply Explained by Chris Farrell


26 FREE Videos Explaining Exactly What a Web Business Is All About
Yes, that's right! FREE! FREE! FREE!
These 26 Videos will teach you exactly what a web business is all about and you will learn the skills you need to start a successful online business. These skills explained in such an easy way that any one who can follow directions can do them. Again, step by step, as this is Chris's way of teaching. Here is a sample of some of the skills you will learn.
How To Make Money Online
Creating A Successful Web Business - the tools you will need
Getting Familiar And Friendly With Aweber
Getting Comfortable With FTP
Saving Everything Correctly
How To Unzip
Configuring Your First Follow Up Message At Aweber
Creating Your Opt In Form
Inserting Your Opt In Form
Uploading Your eBook
Customizing your squeeze page
These Videos are free when you download your free e-book at  www.wadashowtomake.com

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