June 13, 2010

Get Started With Your Autoresponder and Create Your Videos Super Fast

An Auto-Responder is a must have for your online business success.

Chris refers to the auto-responder as your secret weapon and he teaches how to use this powerful tool step by step for those who know absolutely nothing about an auto-responder. He also did a webinar with the owner of Aweber and this is webinar is available for free at the membership site.

Email Marketing $19/Month!

At the membership site you will have access to step by step video training teaching you everything you need to get started using your auto-responder. From signing up to creating opt-in forms. Nothing is left out and you can easily follow along with Chris.

Most of the members who join have never even heard of an auto-responder or they are not familiar with the workings and capabilities of one but after watching Chris demonstrate right before their eyes what to do and how to do it they are now able to create opt-in forms, create campaign email messages and so much more.
Although there are many good auto-responders available, the majority of internet marketers use Aweber. You can check out this great tool here and see for yourself.

Remember, if you want to take your business to a new level you need an auto-responder and this one is tops.

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