June 16, 2010

Chris Farrell’s Membership Site

After two weeks of coaching on Chris Farrell’s site, I have learnt a lot on setting up an internet business. All the stuff that seemed like a mystery at the beginning of my adventure into the internet marketing abyss is much clearer now. I would have spent months trying to learn what I have achieved to day after just a few weeks.
I now have an up and running web page, hosted at Chris Farrell’s membership sites, (one of the advantages of being a member at his site is the free hosting offer). I am an affiliate for one of his programs and have already started to earn some money. Check my site out www.wadashowtomake.com I had no previous knowledge on how to even start setting up a web site not to talk about making money of it.

One of the biggest problems newbies have when trying to get on line is the amount of information out there and not knowing where to start from.
In other words - knowing exactly what to do FIRST.
The most common question I get asked is---- 'How do I start?'

There is simply way too much information out there. You could spend forever 'learning' and perpetually be in a state of 'about-to-start'.
The biggest myth about making money online is that it is hard to get started.
The following is the FIRST thing you need to do.
Acknowledge that it is going to take time. I suggest giving yourself at least 6 months. This is after all a business you are creating. You would not expect to be in profit immediately if you were creating an OFF line business. Why should ON line be any different?
Sure you can make money quicker once you know the basics - but these basics can take you a few months to get confident with.
This business starts by learning the basics of how to create your own website.
Now if this thought terrifies you - please do not worry - you are by no means alone. Every newcomer (myself included) at one point or another was aghast at the idea of creating a website.
But you can create a website within a few hours.
Take a look at Chris Farrell's free eBook available at this site. www.wadashowtomake.com
It WILL allow you to get started online. Work through it slowly and methodically. This is the FIRST thing you need to do.
Everything else is POINTLESS until you understand the basics of how to create a website AND get it online.

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